Alligator mouse trap
Bee trap
Bird Spikes
Easy to Set and Bait- Simple to use, just put the bait in the mouse trap removable cup, and press down the spring bar, then finish. Suggest to use small amount peanut butter as bait.

▶ Safe to Use and Sanitary – No poison, no glue.
▶ Highly Sensitive and Quick Kill – With powerful stainless-steel spring, these mice traps are designed to kill small mice and mouse.
▶ Reusable and Durable – This mouse traps are made of high-quality ABS plastic.
Energy-saving: Solar-powered wasp trap outdoor with a light bulb is set up with a solar panel that helps the wasp killer to be charged under the sunlight during the day and the energy will be saved for working perfectly at night. The light bulb utilizes solar power to automatically emits blue light to lure the flying insects in the dark.Reusable and intelligent: The double-entry is a big idea for the wasp traps outdoor hanging, it can help to attract more insects into the yellow jacket traps. After flying into the insect trap through the entry, insects will be dropped into the water or can not escape.

Easy to use: Doing get the rid of annoying insects has not ever been easy like that.
Safe with premium material: Durable plastic bee traps outdoor hanging and stainless steel hangers help to resist water, heat, and rush perfectly.
[Efficient and Humane Bird Spikes] By imitating the structure of thorn plants, the stainless steel bird spikes prevent the birds from landing without harming the animals. At the same time, the bright surface can reflect the sunlight to frighten pigeons and other animals away.

[Durable] Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, strong and durable. Compared with plastic bases, our bird spikes are more durable and lasting, and require no maintenance even if they are used for up to 15 years. they can stand any weather and keep stay intact through blizzards and windstorms that will never loosen or rust.
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